hala medical center

With the opening of Hala Medical Centre in Sinaw, we are coming up with new healthcare brand in Oman. It is our pleasure to provide quality healthcare to the residents of Oman at affordable cost. Hala Medical Centre in Sinaw will host a network of specialty clinics to cater to various healthcare needs of the residents of Sinaw and neighboring area. Our primary wish to provide quality healthcare to the residents by the well experienced and compassionate doctors, nurses and paramedical Staff.

Sinaw is considered to be one of the most vital markets in the eastern region of Oman, in addition to Sur Market and Ibra Market. It is an urban city with some rural features, due to the surrounding desert. Sinaw is located 180km from Muscat and 100km from Wilayath of Nizwa and it is considered as the joining point between the interior regions of Oman and Muscat. It is a developing city which belongs to Wilayath of Al Mudaybi.